Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thing 11

I spent some time exploring LibraryThing, in which users are able to create their own book list of favorite titles.  Charlotte's Web will always be the first book I list as a favorite - I won't even allow another book to take the place of that all-time-favorite of mine.  However, there are quite a bit of books that come in second place, in my opinion.  Most of those are picture books:  Tuesday, If I Built a Car, The Polar Express, and The Giving Tree, just to name a few. 

Another book that is one of my newest favorites is Bob and Otto.  When I put my book list together on LibraryThing, there were 10,738 others who had also included Charlotte's Web on their list, 2055 for The Little Engine That Could, and 14,769 for Little Women.  But when I added Bob and Otto, there were only 52 others that had included it.  This is such a wonderful story that was on the Texas 2x2 list a year or two ago. It's too bad that more people are not familiar with it.

For anyone interested, I also noticed that LibraryThing is looking for a new employee.  Some of the requirements they are looking for in a new employee, which is based in Portland, ME by the way: someone who is passionate about books, social media-savvy, and no cheese allergies!

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