Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing 19

I found the Web 2.0 Awards list rather interesting.  I expected to see Google Maps in the number one slot for maps, but I was a little surprised to see Twitter over Facebook.  Everyone I know uses Facebook!  A few other number one observations:

Photos and digital images: Flickr - I thought this site was hard to navigate.  I didn't attempt to search through Picnik and Picasa - I hope those two are not even more difficult!

Professional Networking/Employment and Jobs: This caught my eye as my husband has been looking to move away from self-employment and back into the 'regular' workforce.  He was recently told that Everybody who's Anybody is on Linkedin, so that one wasn't a surprise.  However, Standout Jobs was listed ahead of Career Builder and Monster.  I went into Standout Jobs, entered "marketing" and "Houston" and got a 0 response.  When I changed it to just "Houston", I still had a 0 response.  Career Builder found 1,795 responses, Monster had 1,000.

Games: A time-waster that I fight against is online games, such as Scrabble, Solitaire, etc.  I saw that Zango has the #1 slot for games; now I know what site to avoid!

As I was about to leave the site, I noticed that the list was dated 2008 and had a link to nominate candidate sites for the 2009 year.  I just wonder who manages/managed the site and how they awarded the rankings.


  1. the list is outdated but we now use it as a list of other things for you to consider and explore based on the fact that in 2008 these were considered "winners."

    Am I reading that you found nothing worthwhile? I am not sure I understand some of what you are saying...we can discuss it in case.

  2. I think you should definitely give Flickr another try. I couldn't do my work half so well without it. It allows me a legal way to use photos that I would not otherwise have access to. Some of my friends use Picasa instead.If you don't become familiar with Flickr, I am afraid you will be cutting yourself off from a very valuable resource. I love to use BigHugeLabs and download images from Flickr to create fun trading cards, signs, etc.