Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing 18

I really thought that OpenOffice would be a great source for me to use, but I found it very frustrating while trying to navigate through the site.  I never was able to find anything that looked like a document, instead I was shifted from one link to another that just told me about the product and how it can be used. 

I'm not too keen on Google Docs at the moment either.  At my school, we do not have AR testing of books, so I asked my campus tech help me make a Google Docs page where the students would be able to keep track of the Bluebonnet books they read.  Only half of the book titles appear on the page.  I've had another technology person help me make another page from scratch, but it's through our teacher website rather than the district website.  I haven't received approval from the district technology person to make the switch from one web format to the other yet.  I do feel that the Google Docs problem is in the way D. originally set it up, but at the same time I wish Google Docs was designed differently.  Apparently they only allow a maximum of 10 things (in my case book titles) in their programmed document, so to add the other 10 titles from the list some manipulation of the form is in order.  D. didn't know about the manipulation part.

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