Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thing 13

I have heard of the delicious website but have not explored it before tonight.  I can see where this site wold be very useful in not just a social aspect but even more so in an educational setting.  I set up some bookmarks from websites that I have used in the library.  This would be a good tool to have for bookmarking sites for library lessons and being able to share them with other librarians.

I can also see how delicious would be a great tool for the 4th grade teachers at my school.  The newest 6-week timeframe begins Monday; this 6-week frame also happens to be the time that our 4th grade students will bein with their IB exhibition preparations.  The students will search for information related to the topic of youth around the world need food, shelter, education, clothing, etc.  Our 4th grade teachers will gain valuable resources and some time management by utilizing this site (or one like it) for research.  IB exhibitions are brand-new for our school, and I know that we will all benefit from helping each other.

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  1. so glad you have this tool which will now allow many of you to put info in one place for many to use!